The concept for the redesign of the Neuerburg town square seeks to combine spatial order and clarity with the outstanding historical heritage in a valuable and visible way. Diversity and usability should be well accommodated and a centre of identity for all citizens and visitors should be created.
The urban space is zoned centrally by changing the pavement from cobblestones to a compacted gravel surface of the same material. Spatially, the enclosed tree island forms a green zoning in different areas. The topography of the square offers the possibility of designing the island as a seating area that extends from the level of the square. To the south, the square is dedicated to water, where the fountain and the drinking station are combined in a manageable, small-scale spatial structure. In the tree island, the existing trees and any necessary additional planting are linked with native broadleaves and pruned with high trunks. To the west, a long bench celebrates the city and the views.
All paving and elements are inspired in form and material by the historic design of the castle and the surrounding walls, which are characterised by the typical sandstone colour of the Eifel geological formation. To ensure the greatest possible variety of uses, sufficient open, unobstructed areas are provided. Through the open coding of elements and areas, the newly designed Neuerburg town square will remain a memorable centre and exciting urban space for generations to come.