In the immediate vicinity of the old castle and in a quiet location, a group of buildings is to be created that will provide a space for children and adults in need of care.
Four squares of different sizes are staggered according to the topography. The design divides the size of the building masses into contextually compatible parts and reassembles them in pairs in the style of the old castle creating two complexes of two squares per building. The horizontal structure is complemented by a vertical structure above each ground floor to break up the wall heights. The urban grain of the area around the old castle of OƟweil is thus taken up and continued both horizontally and vertically, as is the idea of the garden city.
In both places, people are to be offered as many different social, spacial and haptic experiences as possible, both in the interior and exterior. Special emphasis is placed on the experience of community.
In order to give form to this diversity of perspectives, experiences and places, both complexes have been developed as a houses in the green, acommodating spacious centres with lots of daylight and open space.